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Welcome to my Office!


Now, more than ever,  people are seeking clear

direction - a sharper focus for the days ahead.

Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear. 

Another point of view - a fresh perspective.

One of my favorite Bible passages states that, "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.  If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. . . . . Likewise, two people lying close together can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm alone? A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer".  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

As people, we were designed for relationship.  We are better together, stronger together, and smarter together.  Please don't wait any longer.  My services are confidential, competent, objective and honest. Give me a call at 207.768.3400 to schedule your appointment - I look forward to hearing from you!    



COVID-19 UPDATE (March 2020)

In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 outbreak, I wish to assure you that I am still here to support you with your counseling and coaching needs.


Until further notice, I will be offering my services (Mental Health Therapy, Employee Assistance Counseling, and Christian Life Coaching) exclusively through tele-health.  Sessions will be conducted via telephone or video.  This change will allow you to receive the care you need without leaving your home. 


Therapy sessions will be conducted using a secure platform which meets HIPPA requirements.  Most insurance and employee assistance companies allow for this type of service, with many making additional exceptions during the pandemic.  However, you may wish to directly contact your specific insurance carrier to inquire about coverage for behavioral mental health services delivered through tele-health.  As a therapist, I may only provide counseling within the state in which I am licensed.  Therefore, all my mental health therapy services are restricted to clients located in, or from, Maine. 


Life Coaching services are available to individuals on a national and global basis without restriction.  Platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Facetime may be used for these sessions.  In response to increasing demand, I am offering 30-minute coaching sessions for those seeking prayer and spiritual guidance.


As an independent practitioner, I may not be able to accommodate all requests for service.  Therefore, I will rely on professional discretion and clinical judgment in determining which existing clients and new referrals are a “best fit” for tele-health services.  All educational classes and group meetings scheduled to meet at my office (172 Houlton Road, Presque Isle) are cancelled until further notice. 


Now, more than ever, your emotional and spiritual health matter.  If you would like to continue (or re-establish) service, please contact me by phone or email.  I will continue to stay abreast of the rapid changes and adapt my services accordingly.  In closing, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, your loved ones, and the communities in which I serve.

Nancy Nichols, M.Ed., LCPC, NCC

dare to discover the person you were destined to be. . . .


Navigating life's challenges in a successful way often requires an honest assessment of our emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual health.  


It's hard to have hope - to be excited about the future - if you can't break free of your past. 

And it's hard to make decisions for your life if you're not sure where you're headed! 

Whatever your challenge - career, relationships, finances, health, faith or purpose -  we will discover the person you were designed to be. Together, we will uncover any hidden "root" issue(s), and establish practical options for your personal growth and healing.

The challenges you are facing today may be the consequences of your own choices, or perhaps the result of life circumstances.  Whatever the source of your struggle - there is a way out.  When you are ready, I'll be here to help you find a way forward. 


feedback. . . . 

I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and support over the last few months, you have made me see things in a different light and our discussions have allowed me to find some inner peace. . . seeing you has made a tremendous difference in my life. . . meeting you was just part of God's journey for me.  I would be very interested in any upcoming groups that you have. . .so I can continue to learn. . . .      (Maine)

"Our family was in a desperate place.  Nancy had the expertise and experience to skillfully work with all of us....  husband, wife and teenager.  Her love,

compassion,  deep insight and her ability to directly confront helped to get to the root of hurts, wounds and other issues.  It was of utmost value to include discussions of faith and spirituality in the counseling sessions.  Hearts were freed and healed, relationships restored and our family saved.  We have utmost appreciation and respect for Nancy and the service she provides."    

(New Brunswick, Can.)

 "Words cannot express how thankful I am for all you have done for my family and me.  God brought you into my life at just the right time." (Maine)   

   Today my husband and I are celebrating twelve years of marriage.  We both feel very thankful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross.  Our therapy meetings changed our lives in dramatic ways.  We are stronger in our faith and relationship with God, we are stronger in our marriage relationship, and stronger in our sense of purpose.       (Maine)