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Areas of Expertise

Spiritual Growth & Development

As an experienced ministry leader, Nancy serves as a spiritual mentor for those seeking guidance on issues of faith and spirituality.  Her counsel is designed to instill hope and facilitate emotional and spiritual growth in both groups and individuals.  All counsel is based on Biblical principles and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Nancy's areas of spiritual expertise include prayer, conflict-resolution, healing, deliverance, prophecy, practical Christian living, spiritual warfare, Godly leadership, and spiritual trauma & injury.  Whether you are an individual in need of spiritual direction, or a faith community seeking Godly counsel, Nancy is ready to assist with your spiritual needs.

Emotional & Relational Wellness

Through the use of compassionate care, humor, and honest feedback, Nancy endeavors to help clients grow in their sense of worth, purpose and identity.  As a professional counselor for over 20 years, she is skilled in the areas of grief/loss, anxiety/fear, anger, conflict resolution, relationships, personal identity, career development, priorities, parenting, decision-making and critical-thinking.  All counsel is biblically based and clinically sound.

Trauma, Betrayal, Grief & Loss
(with specialization in spiritual injury & trauma)

There is no pain quite like the pain of grief and betrayal.  The journey to healing from traumatic events such as these can often be confusing and painful. Drawing from her counseling and ministry experience, Nancy utilizes a combination of clinical and spiritual principles for personal healing.  Sharing your story is an important part of the healing process.  When you are ready, Nancy is to help you find your way.

The Next Step:

If you are interested in learning more about my services, simply contact me by phone at 207-768-3400 or reach out by email at  Please provide your phone number, email and best time to reach you.  I will respond to you within 24-48 business hours to answer any questions you may have and to complete a brief demographic intake. 

At this time, all coaching sessions are provided online.  Clients will receive a confidential meeting link by email the day before your scheduled session.  Payment is expected prior to your session, or at the time of service.

Client goals, along with projected frequency and duration of services, will be determined during your first session and based upon individual client needs.  Services are currently available throughout the United States and Canada.  Services are available in other countries as scheduling permits.

My Approach
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