Training & Education


If therapy or coaching are not options for you at this particular time, I encourage you to consider attending an education, training or support meeting.  Designed for small groups, these meetings allow you to exchange thoughts, ideas and emotions with others in a safe and comfortable environment.  Some classes are offered free of charge, while others require a small registration fee.  Meetings will provide training on a wide range of topics.  I am also available to travel to your site for your organization's or ministry's unique training needs.  Please contact my office for more information.  


While I have a wide variety of training programs available, I have suspended all classes during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Classes will resume once the "social distancing" restrictions have been lifted and the government releases us to meet in public gatherings.  In the meantime, check back often as I am developing online resources for the interim.  Please send along any suggestions for training programs.  I am willing to travel to your site as well .

feedback . . .

"Thank you for the hours you have given to teach and train so many of us.  We have learned and shared much together through your classes.  God has used you to shape and mature each of us.  You have taught us lessons about giving and receiving love and how to maintain friendship through difficult life experiences.  You have taught us how to respect  one another, even when we didn't always agree.  May God continue to bless your ministry and your life."      C.W. (Maine)

what participants had to say. . . . . 


"the presentation was simple, yet profound - a great encouragement - thank you!"


". . . stayed on the edge of my seat - the day was too short - one day was not enough!"


"very uplifting - I really needed this at this time in my life!"


"what fresh, insightful, thought-provoking information!"


"much more than I expected!"


"full of insight and  Biblical truths"


"this is something I will never hear in church!"